The Senior Common Room

The Senior Common Room is a space designed for the relaxation of lecturers and other senior administrative staff.

Indoor Lounge and Bar

The Bar 

This common room is quaint—housing a bar of assorted drinks and beverages, for that after work drink; a lounge, in case you would prefer to join in in the academic bustle, watch television and catch up on the news, or prefer to sit in a corner and tussle with the daily crossword puzzle.

The lounge also serves as a space for other purposes such as guest lectures, presentations and meetings. Little wonder the ambience is always scholarly and charming. 

The Lounge


Across the bar is the cafeteria and coffee-bar. This one is for the hot beverage lover as you will be able to grab a cup of tea and coffee from the time breakfast is served at 08:00am until it is closing in the evening.  

Cafetaria Staff

Meals are delicious and affordable for staff members, providing a convenient choice for those who prefer to eat on campus.  

Food Served

Indoor Games

Next to the bar is a room exclusively used by those who would want to engage in a game of darts. It is often patronized after working hours by lecturers and their guests who would want to try their hand at the game.

Outdoor Lounge

Outside the senior common room, by the terrace, is life happening al fresco. The open air brings a welcome light-hearted mood to the stifling seriousness of the academy—the mirth is infectious, staff laughing over beers and braai. The dialogue is casual, and the camaraderie carries along with it years of why academics have always maintained a certain exclusive cluster that mixes sophistication, wit and hard-work. 

Outdoor Lounge

The rights of admission to the senior common room are reserved to academics and other staff members of the college.