Director of Student Affairs Office

The office of the Dean of Students exists for the welfare of every student at Chancellor College.

As a recent addition to the college, this office is driven by the philosophy that the college needs a senior person who serves to assist students in overcoming barriers that they might encounter in their everyday academic and social lives on campus. The office helps students in successfully dealing with inevitable challenges of university life, making it possible for them to optimize their experience at Chancellor College.

At the beginning of each academic year the Office of the Dean of Students organises the orientation week, during which first year students are introduced to various parts and aspects of academic and social life at Chancellor College.

Every student at Chancellor College has the right to have direct access to the Dean of Students. For this reason, the office is always open during normal working hours of the week (7.30am to 4.30pm, from Monday to Friday).

The Dean of Students is also involved in conflict resolution concerning students. He is therefore a key figure in ensuring that the relations between staff and students remain cordial, and often acts as an intermediary in occasional misunderstandings that may arise in interactions between the two parties. 

The office of the Dean of Students offers a number of services to students. As the name indicates, it is first and foremost there for the welfare of students. It therefore works closely with college management, Deans and Heads of departments, the Clinic, Wardens, as well as the Students Union. It is the office primarily responsible for student counselling, offering a wide range of professional counselling services directed at helping students who are experiencing personal and academic difficulties. It also organises workshops on a wide range of topics for students, with the aim of making them more effective and efficient learners. The office also works together with faculties and departments in assisting students with internship in prospective employment organisations. 

All student organisations (clubs, associations, societies) are registered with the office of the Dean of Students. Students may join any of these organisations as a way of enriching their experience at Chancellor College.