Tree Planting: Chanco beautifies Jali

May 4, 2016   Chanco Bulletin
Students collecting tree seedlings
On Saturday 2nd April 2016, Chancellor College students embarked on a tree planting exercise at Pirimiti Parish in Jali area.

The activity was organized by the Environmental Justice Legal Clinic of the Law Faculty. This Environmental Justice Clinic is part of the Legal Clinic of the Law Faculty which aims at promoting the rights of people. More than 30 people participated in this event. These were the members of the Environmental Justice Clinic and the Green Campus Initiative, which is also a Chancellor College students’ organization that deals with environmental issues. The students were led by Bernadetta Zimba and Abson Chitukula, the leading members of the Environmental Justice Clinic. 

At this tree planting event, about 1,000 seedlings were planted. These seedlings were made available to the students from LEAD-SEA through Professor Sosten Chiotha who also works closely with both the Environmental Justice Clinic as well as the Green Campus Initiative. Also present at the tree planting event were Mr Chikosa Banda, a senior lecturer at the Law Faculty who is also the coordinator of the Environmental Justice, and the parish Priest of Pirimiti Catholic Parish. Both of them greatly appreciated the concern and dedication of the students as regards environmental issues. They encouraged the students to continue with this kind of work for the sake of the future generations bearing in mind the environmental hazards which the earth is currently facing.

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