Tracer Study of Public Administration, Political Science and Human Resource Management Graduates from 2012 - 2016

January 29, 2018   Political And Administrative Studies Department

Dear Graduates,

The Department of Political and Administrative Studies of Chancellor College is kindly requesting your participation in a survey of graduates who completed their studies in the years from 2012 – 2016. We would like to find out what happened to you after you completed your studies. Did you find a job or are you still looking for a job, did your studies prepare you well for the workplace, and do you use the knowledge and skills you have learned during your studies? Mainly, the improvement of the study programmes and more specific, the revision of the curricular, are the core objectives of the graduate survey. Your information will be treated with strict confidentiality. The results will be published in such a way that identification of individual persons is excluded. Click the following link to participate in this survey:

Principal's Welcome Message