Tracer study of Chancellor College’s Bachelor of Education (Science) Graduates

April 10, 2017   Tracer Study Team


he aim of the tracer study was to establish how education science graduates are faring after their time at Chancellor College. Thus the study was conducted with the following specific objectives: (1) Get feedback from graduates on the environmental conditions regarding their training at Chancellor College, (2) examine the current employment status of the graduates, (3) assess the extent to which the Bachelor of Education (Science) programme prepared the graduates well for the workplace (4) determine the extent to which employers are satisfied with the graduates of the programme. Three main techniques were used to collect data: Phone calls, online questionnaire, and print questionnaire administration. Most respondents provided data through phone calls and 38 graduates responded (out of the targeted population of 150 recent graduates) representing 25% response rate. There were 19 employers (mainly Head-teachers) who participated in the survey.

The findings of the study were that nearly half of the graduates (52%) who participated in this survey were employed and majority were working in economic areas of education, health, banking, IT and pharmaceutical industries despite the fact that they were not posted to schools by government as traditionally done. Self - employment was not reported by graduates in the study. The Bachelor of Education Science Program prepared them well by giving them a range of skills which they are now using on the job. However, the employers observed that report writing and presentation skills were not comprehensively developed in the program. Students in the study, also rated very highly the quality of teaching and assessment at the college, although the quality of buildings, recreational facilities, and availability of ICT and boobs were rated poorly.

In terms of employer satisfaction, 69% of the employers indicated that they were satisfied with the way graduates are performing. To develop skills of report writing and presentation, the study recommends that the language and communication component of the Bachelor of Education Science Program be strengthened and that one requirement of the program should be writing a dissertation. For the next tracer study, use of phone calls to complete the researcher administered questionnaire should be prioritized instead of just the online-questionnaire. 


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