The Annual Social Science Conference : Call for Abstracts

April 26, 2016   Faculty Of Social Science

29-30th September 2016


The Faculty of Social Science at Chancellor College, University of Malawi is a multidisciplinary faculty which focuses on social science teaching, research, consultancy and outreach in Economics, Gender, History, Population Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work and Political and Administrative Studies. The faculty has been organising annual dissemination conferences since 2013 which have been attracting  scholars from different countries and fields within the social sciences. The participation at the Annual Social Science Conferences have made the faculty to widen geographical coverage of the conference from a national conference to an international conference.

The Annual Social Science Research Conference 

The aim of the annual conference on social science research is to allow social science scholars working on the African continent and beyond to contribute to Africa’s development agenda through the generation and sharing of relevant research outputs. The conference also provides a forum for researchers, development practioners (both governmental and non-governmental) and policy makers to deliberate on the philosophy underpinning their proposed development designs and approaches as we embark on sustainable development goals. 

The 2016 Annual Conference Theme

The 2016 Annual Conference on social science research has been organised under the theme “Reshaping Social Science Research for Sustainable Development in Africa”. This is considered a relevant theme at this stage of global development when the development milestones that were set on the turn of the new millennium, “the Millennium Development Goals” are being evaluated. The idea is to allow social science take a centre stage in the process of contextualising and implementing the new development agenda in which sustainable development is the focus. 


The following sub-themes will be covered:

  • Climate, social, and political change in Africa
  • Ethinicity, Nationhood and Unity
  • Religion, Culture and Identity
  • Gender and Development discourses
  • Population and development issues
  • Social Sciences in Natural Resources Management 
  • Disability and inclusions dilemmas in Development
  • Social Sciences in Health
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Political Leadership and development Legacy
  • Democracy, Autocracy and Development
  • Poverty and Sustainable livelihoods
  • Economics of Structural transformation and Development
  • Health and development


The conference will be organised into parallel sessions in line with the proposed sub-themes. More parallel sessions may be organized depending on the interest and number of papers from potential participants. Keynote speakers will be invited to make their presentations on each of the conference days. To stimulate more academic debate on the papers, each session will be assigned discussants.


Papers from this conference will first be published as conference proceedings. Besides the conference proceedinds we would like to further identify selected papers to be reviewed for  publication in a special Malawi Journal of Social Science issue. However, presenters who would like to publish their papers in the Malawi Journal of Social Science will be required to submit their full papers by 30th August 2016. 


The conference is open to academic members of staff, students, and experts in various social science disciplines. Scholars and researchers outside the country are encouraged to submit abstracts.


Researchers are asked to submit abstracts in English and the deadline is 15th June 2016. The abstracts should be submitted to the following email: Abstracts should not exceed 350  words and  should clearly state title of the paper, objectives, methodology, results, conclusions and keywords. Full papers can also be submitted together with the abstract. Notification of acceptance of abstracts will be communicated to authors on 30th July 2016 and full papers will be expected to be submitted by 30th August 2016.


Chancellor College, Zomba, Malawi


Conference organisers will not provide accomodation but will assist participants from outside Malawi to identify suitable accomodation.


The registration fees for the 2016 conference are as follows:

  • International delegates: $150 early registration & $200 late registration
  • National delegates: K10,000 for both early and late registration
  • International students (both undergraduates and postgraduates): $75 & late $100
  • Local students (both undergraduate and postgraduates): Free
  • Limited scholarships will be provided to presenters of papers


Dr Levison Chiwaula  - +265 888 323 505

Dr Phillip Kapulula - +265 888 836 598

Ms Anne Mpinganjira - +265 992 319 381

Ms Agnes Mkundiza - +265 999 752 016



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