Students in Environmental Cleanup

May 4, 2016   Chanco Bulletin
Students join hands with the Chikanda community in cleaning the environment
Community service does not get better than when students decide to get their hands dirty through cleaning up of one of the most pungent refuse areas in Zomba, the dumping site just behind one of the privately owned student residences.

On the morning of 30th April, 2016, the Chikanda and Chancellor College communities woke up to loud sounds of music being played at the dumping site. Around the site were gathered a number of students from various faculties, who had joined hands to clear the dumping site, which had become an eyesore, an assault on the nostrils, and a potential health hazard, especially given its proximity to the residential area and the river close by. The students were joined by a number of residents of the Chikanda community.

The Director of LEAD-SEA, Professor Sosten Chiotha, who was present the function, pointed out that “the idea is to involve students in environmental management issues, as they are the ones who can bring about mindset change.” He observed that students had a lot of energy and a concern for their environment. He expressed pleasure that for the students, the concern could lead to action.

So far the group has had a number of activities, including tree planting in Blantyre and Pirimiti.

 The President of the Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinic, Bernadetta Zimba, stressed that the participants were careful in carrying out their work, as they had acquired disposable latex gloves and protective air-filtering masks which they donned while carrying out their work.

The work was mainly done by students from the faculties of Law, Education and Science. Personnel from the City Council were also present to ensure that the work was done correctly. They brought a refuse collection vehicle, into which garbage was dumped.

Also present at the function were a number of notables in Zomba, including the Principal of Chancellor College, Prof. Richard Tambulasi, the CBO clerk Mrs Kalolo, the representative of the Councilor for Likangala Ward, Mr Lex Mulenga, Chief Chikanda and her subjects, and personnel from the Police service.

Principal's Welcome Message