Students engage in 16 Days of Activism

January 18, 2019   Chanco Bulletin
Students pose with one of the members of Twin M, who supported the event

In December, 2018, students engaged in the 16for16 campaign, which was part of the global 16 Days of Activism. The campaign was led by Limodzi, which is a grouping of three students: Phindu Banda, Taonga Msowoya, and Samuel Gausi.

The group received some funding from UN Women to carry out activities during the 16 days. They partnered with the Directorate of Women’s Affairs, the Gender Justice Clinic, the Young Feminists Network, and the YONECO Chanco wing.

During the period, the group engaged in various activities aimed at highlighting awareness on Gender Based Violence (GBV).

The students mounted an information desk at quadrangle, where they offered information of gender-based violence. Other students also had a chance to air their views in an Ideas tree.

Other initiatives during the 16 Days of Activism included the launching of a social media advocacy stream, as a way of initiating dialogue around issues of gender-based violence; as well as the mounting of informative posters around the campus. There was also a Storytelling session at the Sports Complex, involving various artists as well as victims of gender-based violence sharing their experiences.

YONECO brought their cultural troupe and also talked of the support network that the organization provides. 

According to Phindu Banda, the campus should look forward to more activities earmarked for the second semester.

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