Project Rejuvenation to include a dressing room at the open theatre

September 17, 2015   David Kapito
Paul Ntulumbwa - President of the initiative
Chanco project rejuvenation - a student driven initiative which aims at rehabilitating dilapidated college infrastructures will include a dressing room at the current rehabilitation project at Chanco open theatre.

In an interview with the president of the group, Paul Ntulumbwa, he said they will not only rehabilitate the stage and terraces but also include a dressing room which will be used by performers during several performances.

Ntulumbwa said “Previously, there was no dressing room for performers and this development will help performers to be comfortable to change their costumes during performing arts which involve several costumes. In an interview with one the contractors helping the rehabilitation process,    Mr. Mkutima he said “ the work is going well and they are trying their best to make the place to be back in shape”.

The first phase of the project is done as the stage has been sealed with a concrete, the other phase will be construction of terraces at the open theatre. 

Principal's Welcome Message