The University of Malawi wishes to inform graduands and the general public that its first Congregation for 2021 will be held on Wednesday, 28th April, 2021 in the Great Hall at Chancellor College in Zomba from 7:30 a.m. The Congregation shall be a blended virtual graduation ceremony where all graduands shall graduate in absentia. Graduands and the general public should note that the Chancellor of the University of Malawi, His Excellency Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, President of the Republic of Malawi will preside over this blended virtual graduation.

Kindly note that due to the gazetted preventive, management and control measures of COVID-19, ONLY CONGREGATION STAFF AND INVITED GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS shall be allowed into the Great Hall. During the ceremony, graduands, parents and guardians shall therefore not be allowed at the Great Hall. Virtual graduation links on You-tube, Facebook and CHANCO Television shall be communicated in due course.


Academic awards shall be conferred to graduands in the following programmes:


  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Health Nursing

  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Child Health Nursing

  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery

  4. Postgraduate Diploma in Reproductive Health

  5. Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery Education

  6. Master of Science in Adult Health Nursing

  7. Master of Science in Child Health Nursing

  8. Master of Science in Community Health Nursing

  9. Master of Science in Midwifery

  10. Master of Science in Reproductive Health

  11. Doctor of Philosophy in Interprofessional Health Care Leadership



  1. Diploma in Law

  2. Diploma in Statistics

  3. Bachelor of Education (Primary)

  4. Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

  5. Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Cultural Studies)

  6. Bachelor of Arts (Humanities)

  7. Bachelor of Arts (Media for Development)

  8. Bachelor of Arts (Theology)

  9. Bachelor of Arts (Political Science)

  10. Bachelor of Arts (Public Administration)

  11. Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource Management)

  12. Bachelor of Social Science

  13. Bachelor of Social Science (Gender Studies)

  14. Bachelor of Science

  15. Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences

  16. Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition

  17. Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching Studies (Science and Mathematics Education)

  18. Master of Science in Biostatistics

  19. Master of Science in Informatics

  20. Master of Science in Environmental Science

  21. Master of Arts in Literature

  22. Master of Arts in Applied Ethics

  23. Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics

  24. Master of Arts in Development Studies

  25. Master of Arts in Political Science

  26. Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Teaching Studies (Language Education)



  1. Certificate in Architectural Studies

  2. Certificate in Mathematical Sciences Education

  3. Certificate in Mechanical Engineering

  4. Diploma in Accountancy

  5. Diploma in Architectural Studies

  6. Diploma in Business Administration

  7. Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing)

  8. Diploma in Business Communication

  9. Diploma in Education (Business Studies)

  10. Diploma in Environmental Health

  11. Diploma in Environmental Science and Technology (Food)

  12. Diploma in Information Technology

  13. Diploma in Land Surveying

  14. Diploma in Quantity Surveying

  15. Bachelor of Accountancy

  16. Bachelor of Arts (Business Communication)

  17. Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

  18. Bachelor of Automobile Engineering

  19. Bachelor of Automobile Engineering (Honours)

  20. Bachelor of Business Administration

  21. Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)

  22. Bachelor of Civil Engineering

  23. Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Structures) Honours

  24. Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Transportation) Honours

  25. Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Water) Honours

  26. Bachelor of Commerce (Entrepreneurship)

  27. Bachelor of Commerce (Internal Audit)

  28. Bachelor of Education (Business Studies)

  29. Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  30. Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Honours)

  31. Bachelor of Electronics and Computer Engineering (Honours)

  32. Bachelor of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (Honours)

  33. Bachelor of Energy Engineering

  34. Bachelor of Energy Engineering (Honours)

  35. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (Honours)

  36. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

  37. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)

  38. Bachelor of Science (Technical Education)

  39. Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies

  40. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health

  41. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Technology (Food)

  42. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Technology (Management)

  43. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Technology (Physics)

  44. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Laboratory Technology

  45. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

  46. Bachelor of Science in Land Economy

  47. Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying

  48. Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

  49. Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences Education (Mathematics and Computing)

  50. Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences Education (Mathematics and Statistics)

  51. Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences Education (Statistics and Computing)

  52. Bachelor of Science in Physical Planning

  53. Bachelor of Science in Procurement and Logistics Management

  54. Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying

  55. Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Engineering and Management

  56. Master of Arts in Health and Behaviour Change Communication

  57. Master of Business Administration

  58. Master of Philosophy in Engineering (Telecommunications)

  59. Master of Science in Environmental Health

  60. Master of Science in Environmental Protection and Management

  61. Master of Science in Infrastructure Development and Management

  62. Master of Science in Sustainable Engineering and Management - Water

  63. Master of Science in Water Resources and Supply Management

  64. Master of Technical and Vocational Education

  65. Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Sciences (Environmental Sanitation)



  1. Bachelor of Science in Health Management

  2. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences (Honours)

  3. Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery

  4. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)

  5. Bachelor of Science in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

  6. Bachelor of Science in Internal Medicine (Honours)

  7. Bachelor of Science in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Honours)

  8. Bachelor of Science in Paediatrics and Child Health (Honours)

  9. Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

  10. Bachelor of Science in General Surgery (Honours)

  11. Master of Medicine in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

  12. Master of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  13. Master of Medicine in Paediatrics and Child Health

  14. Master of Medicine in Family Medicine

  15. Master of Science in Epidemiology

  16. Master of Public Health

  17. Master of Philosophy in Antimicrobial Stewardship

  18. Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences

  19. Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health


Graduands are requested to verify their details and upload their passport photo to be used for live streaming on graduation day through the following College based links:

Chancellor College:

College of Medicine:

Kamuzu College of Nursing :

The Polytechnic:

To spice this auspicious occasion, all graduands are requested to submit their best passport size photos, preferably taken in University of Malawi academic regalia on white background, by 5th April, 2021 to Assistant Registrars (Academic) for their respective colleges. The photo shall be flashed when the name is called. The University of Malawi reserves the rights to choose the best picture for the function. Kindly note that in the unlikely event of a graduand’s failure to submit a passport size photo in the prescribed format, the University shall use the photo used during admission of the candidate into the programme.



Academic dress for the Congregation shall be available for hire from Tuesday 30th March 2021 from graduands’ respective Colleges for the purpose of taking graduation passport size photo. Graduands that shall only need the academic regalia for graduation photo shall pay K4, 000 and the gown shall be returned immediately after the photo has been taken by designated College photographers. In addition, those who would wish to have their photos taken outside the campus shall hire the gown at the following cost:


(a) Diploma Set K8, 000

(b) Bachelors Set K10, 000

(c) Masters Set K30, 000

(d) PhD Set K40, 000


All graduands must return their academic dress by 4pm on the following day after hiring. Any unreturned academic dress shall attract a penalty fee of K2, 000 for each subsequent day of delay payable before the release of the certificate.

Candidates who owe the College any money or are yet to sit for supplementary examinations have not been included in this graduation.



Since all graduands shall graduate in absentia, UNIMA has arranged that graduates shall sign in the Graduate Register and collect their certificate in designated areas as follows:


       Eastern Region

      Date: Thursday 29th April 2021 and Friday, 30th April 2021

     Time: 8:00 am to 12 noon and 1:00pm to 5:00pm each day

     Venue: Great Hall, Chancellor College in Zomba


  Southern Region

     Date: Tuesday, 4th May 2021 and Wednesday 5th May, 2021

     Time: 8:00 am to 12 noon and 1:00pm to 5:00pm each day

     Venue: Sports Complex, College of Medicine, Blantyre


Central Region

     Date: Thursday 6th May 2021 and Friday, 7th May 2021

     Time: 8:00 am to 12 noon and 1:00pm to 5:00pm each day

          Venue: Kamuzu College of Nursing, Lilongwe Campus


Northern Region- Polytechnic, Mzuzu Campus at Luwinga

Date: Monday 10th May, 2021 and Tuesday 11th May, 2021

Venue: The Polytechnic Mzuzu Campus

Time: 8:00 am to 12 noon and 1:00pm to 5:00pm each day

Graduands are further informed that in order to collect their certificate, they are supposed to have a letter of introduction duly signed by the Assistant Registrar (Academic) for theirCollege and their Malawi National Identity Card. Graduates who shall fail to produce either of the two aforementioned documents shall not be given their Certificate. In addition, they will not be allowed to sign in the Graduate Register. You are further advised that letters of introduction shall be ready for collection from 1st April 2021 in all Colleges of the University of Malawi.

For inquiries, please contact: The University Registrar on the following numbers: 01 526 622 /01 524 456 or e-mail: or or visit our website:






Chancellor College Aerial View