Outstanding College staff recognized at UNIMA Celebrations

October 23, 2015   Chanco Bulletin
Mrs Tande (aka Ago) - recognized
During the University of Malawi 50th Anniversary Celebrations on 1th October, a number of individuals were officially recognized for important roles played or contributions made to the university at various points in its ten decades of existence.

Indeed, it was truly a moment of pride when the Chancellor of the University of Malawi, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, officially presented medals of recognition to these individuals, to the utter delight of everyone present at the College of Medicine grounds. 

Out of these specially recognized members, a number were from Chancellor College. These included the first Malawian Principal of Chancellor College, Professor Peter Mwanza. The specially recognized individuals also included Professor Kings Phiri, previously a member of staff in the History Department at Chancellor College. Professor Phiri mentored and taught many of the members of staff at Chancellor College today.

At the function, the University also recognized its female professors. Out of these, two have been associated with Chancellor College. These are Professor Moira Chimombo, previously  a member of staff in the Curriculum and Teaching Studies in the faculty of Education, and Professor Edrinnie Kayambazinthu, currently Head of the African Languages and Linguistics Department. The two professors have been very active members of the Chancellor College staff community, particularly in acting as role models for female students and encouraging them to complete their studies through programmes like the Why Wait? initiative.

During the function, two students, Mixon Faluweki and Fungai Kamzimbi, were also recognized for their inventions. Faluweki has become famous within the country as well as abroad for his invention of the Padoko Bicycle charger. Kamzimbi’s equally astounding invention is the ceramic foodwarmer. 

The function also coincided with the revelation of the University of Malawi anthem. In relation to this, Dr. Robert Chanunkha, the composer of the anthem, was also officially recognized at the function. 

One of the highlights of this moment of recognition was the presentation of medals to two of Chancellor College’s longest and most dedicated CTS Staff members. The first of these was Mrs Evelyn Tande, who currently serves as secretary for two departments, French, and Theology and Religious Studies. The other recognized member was Mr Alick Yenda, Chief Technician in the Physics department.

Commenting on the development, Mrs Tande (who prefers to be called Ago), expressed joy at being recognized. “I feel great to be recognized after such a long time. On February 8th, 2016, I will have worked for the university for 37 years.” She has worked in various sections of the college, including the Administration. Ago notes that in her service at Chancellor College, she was often assigned to serve in departments that were just being opened, such as the Chichewa and Linguistics Department, the Education Faculty, and the Gender Studies Unit. She has also served in the departments of TRS, French. She was also involved in the establishment of the Office of Deans in the administration, and the Office of the Dean of Postgraduate Studies. “For me, what stands out as my greatest achievement is that the UNIMA Postgraduate Office still uses templates that I put together while working in the Postgraduate Office.”

Ago’s dedication extends even to sporting activities of the college. She has been involved in athletics and netball. She was also on the sporting committee that enabled the University of Malawi Students Sports Association to participate in CCUCSA games in Zambia.

As part of the Chancellor College community, we too join in congratulating these unique individuals. 

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