Library fully operation after renovations

March 2, 2016   Chanco Bulletin
Students in the library
Chancellor College Library management have had to think on their toes as the semester was being opened before the flooring exercise had been completed.

Many students, having rested during the holidays, found the library closed, but quickly realized that there were positive developments going on within.

This has been due to the marmoleum flooring work which is occurring in the library. The work has involved all floors, and has necessitated the temporary removal of books.

However, Library management acted quickly. The reserve section of the library, which is arguably the busiest section of the facility was temporarily relocated to the ground floor, which students could access. Within three weeks of the semester’s opening, part of the first floor had been reopened to the library membership. At present, the library is almost fully operational, with various sections having been opened.

Commenting on the developments, the College Librarian, Mr D. Vuwa-Phiri, expressed joy that the library was undergoing major renovations. “This is the first major maintenance work since around 1982”, he observed. “As library staff, we are pleased that we will now be working in a cleaner, safer environment”.

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