Law Faculty enrols 4th Cohort of LLM Programme

March 4, 2016   Kondwani Kumitengo
Assistant Registrar for Academics, Mr Tony Kanyumbu, the Dean of the Law Faculty, Dr Ngeyi Kanyongolo, the Senior Assistant Librarian, Mr Matthias Chiwaya, senior lecturers of the Law Faculty and support staff members
On Tuesday, 01st March, 2016, The Law Faculty at Chancellor College held a colorful orientation sessions for the students who have just qualified for the 4th intake in its Masters in Commercial Law (LLM) Degree Programme.

Present at the event were the Assistant Registrar for Academics, Mr Tony Kanyumbu, the Dean of the Law Faculty, Dr Ngeyi Kanyongolo, the Senior Assistant Librarian, Mr Matthias Chiwaya, senior lecturers of the Law Faculty and support staff members.

The event was opened by Associate Professor Garton Kamchedzera who welcomed the successful candidates and congratulated them for being selected for the prestigious LLM programme. He emphasized that there were a lot of lawyers who had expressed their interest by applying for enrolment into the programme but they did not qualify because they failed to meet one or more requirements. He reminded the lawyers about the standards of the Law Faculty and ensured them that the same standards are maintained even for their programme. The remarks by Associate Professor Garton Kamchedzera were followed by self-introductions of all the members present.

The Dean of the Law Faculty, Dr Ngeyi Kanyongolo called upon the students to take their studies seriously by among other things planning their time properly so that their education should not be compromised by their work. Her emphasis was on research work, which she said requires a lot of time and effort. She proceeded by giving a brief background to the LLM Programme, highlighting the fact that the Masters Degree in Commercial Law programme was first introduced in the 1980s when one non-Malawian lawyer managed to successfully complete the programme.

According to Dr Kanyongolo, the Faculty of Law has, since its establishment in 1971, concentrated on undergraduate training. After an unsuccessful initial launch, the programme underwent a strategic planning process in 2006, after which it was reintroduced. Thus the introduction of the Masters degree in commercial law is in line with the strategic plan of the Law Faculty to respond to the acute shortage of specialized legal personnel and offer demand driven courses in the area of trade and commerce.

The objective of the course is to equip graduates with advanced knowledge, skills and competence on theories, principles, concepts, practices and application of commercial law and its interrelated aspects. The course is expected to enhance the knowledge, understanding, intellectual and practical skills of lawyers and enable them to demonstrate clear and critical understanding of the various principles, theories and concepts which underlie commercial law; to display critical understanding of current problems and opportunities and new insights in commercial law; and demonstrate the ability to integrate, critique and evaluate central and emerging issues in commercial law.

The course is delivered by experts drawn from the Faculty of Law, cooperating academic institutions and the industry. Varying methods of delivery are utilized including lectures, seminars, essays, case studies, independent study, law clinics and group discussions.

Admission into the programme is for students with an LL.B (Hons.)(2.1) obtained from the University of Malawi and other institutions of higher of learning or an LL.B (Hons.)(2.2) plus two years' work experience in any commercial related field and successful completion of an assessment exercises comprising of oral and written interviews.

Mr Matthias Chiwaya, a Senior Library Assistant who takes charge of the McKnight Machika Resource Centre of the Law Faculty took the students for a tour of the library facilities which include the National Bank Post Graduate Computer Lab. Mr Tony Kanyumbu finalized everything by taking the students for a registration process. Before their departure, the students were treated to a luncheon which was served outside the boardroom of the Law Faculty.

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