Invitation to a Public by Dr. Jonathan Daube

January 3, 2019   School Of Education

You are all being invited to a Public Lecture by Dr. Jonathan Daube. He was one of the founding members of the School of Education in the late 1960s as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education Foundations, University of Malawi, at Soche Hill and Chichiri. Late Professor Steven Chimombo was one of his students. He also served as a member of the University of Malawi Senate. When he went back to the USA, he worked as College President (Vice Chancellor) for 30 years.

The details of the Public Lecture are as follows:

Title:  The University of Malawi in the late 1960s

Venue: Senior Common Room

Time: 9:00 am

Date: 4th  January, 2019.

Let us all come to engage with this eminent scholar.


Principal's Welcome Message