Humanities Students impress at conference

November 13, 2015   Chanco Bulletin
Prof. Mpalive Hangson Msiska and Triza Kapinga (pic. Courtesy of Brown Malemia)
During the just 2015 Faculty of Humanities conference, held from 10 to 11th November, 2015, local and international delegates alike were pleasantly surprised to see Chancellor College undergraduate and graduate students presenting papers of an extremely high caliber.

The presentations made by students were truly testament to the excellence of teaching to be found at Chancellor College. The presentations touched on a number of issues, including in-depth literary analyses, reports of eco-critical activism, and impassioned dissections and defenses of the humanities.

The undergraduate students included Triza Kapinga, Yoschabel Ngulube, Yolanda Maseya, and Elvis Jere. There were also presentations from Masters Students in the faculty, including Rodney Likaku and Damiano Kalinde.

Prof. Peter Wasamba, from the University of Nairobi, was particularly delighted upon listening to the presentations from students. He noted that it was a very positive development for the Humanities, and encouraged the students to continue with their research.

Albert Harawa, a lecturer at Mzuzu University, said when he read the abstracts, he initially thought that the presenters would be lecturers, until he saw the students presenting. He commended the Faculty of Humanities at Chancellor College for the good work. 

The Dean of Humanities, Associate Professor Mthatiwa, also congratulated the students, and pointed out that they had the advantage of starting out early on the academic trail, through making presentations at an international conference. 

As a way of showing appreciation for the students’ participation, the Faculty awarded them t-shirts specially designed for the conference. 

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