Faculty of Science Deanery Offices Inaugurated

June 5, 2017   Chanco Bulletin
The Faculty of Science boardroom

Chancellor College commenced the month of June on a positive note, with the official opening of the offices of the Faculty of Science Deanery offices and boardroom on the 1st of the month. The offices have been under construction since December 2015.The guest of honor at the function was the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Al. Mtenje. Also present at the function were the Principal of Chancellor College, Prof. Richard Tambulasi, the Vice Principal, Prof. Samson Sajidu, Deans of the other Faculties, and staff from the Administration.Various other members of staff from the Faculty of Science were also in attendance.

The background of the project was presented by the Dean of Science, Dr. Levis Eneya. He pointed out that the faculty management team, comprising Heads of Departments, Director of NAREC, Deputy Dean, Senate Rep and Dean, decided in January 2015 to mobilize financial resources by channeling a percentage of the Departmental Development Fund into a Faculty Development Fund. The proposal was approved by faculty members and supported by college management.The building comprises a plushily furnished boardroom, the offices of Dean and Deputy Dean of Science, and the office of the secretary of the Dean. “For us,” the Dean pointed out, “this boardroom is expected to be an incubator for research as members meet to discuss or present ideas”. He expressed the faculty’s thanks to the various parties who contributed to the realization of the project.Speaking during the function, the Principal pointed out that the completion of construction of the building was one of many indicators of Chancellor College’s self-renewal process. He expressed his pride that the construction had been funded largely by the faculty’s own resources, and that the college had drawn its own artisans for the construction project.

As guest of honour, Prof. Mtenje informed the gathering of his continued pleasure to be associated with developments at Chancellor College. He too expressed delight, pointing out that the completed project was an example of what Chancellor College can achieve on its own. He then proceeded to perform the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon, officially opening the offices.At the end of the function, the guests were treated to a drinks and snacks.




Principal's Welcome Message