CUTL holds staff training workshop at Hippo Lodge

March 2, 2016   Chanco Bulletin
Participants at the CUTL workshop
In an effort to improve the capabilities of its academic staff, Chancellor College arranged for a two-day training session for young members of staff in its various academic departments.

The workshop, which was organized by CUTL, was held at Hippo Lodge in Liwonde, from 28th to 29th January, 2016.

In his opening remarks, the Principal of Chancellor College, Prof. Richard Tambulasi, observed that such workshops are one of the avenues that the college uses in order to improve the quality of its lecturers. It is therefore one of the channels for quality assurance.

There were a number of presentations from several individuals, mostly from the Faculty of Education. These included talks detailing ways in which the lecturers can effectively prepare for and deliver lectures. Another presentation was on assessment methods, specifically ways of ensuring that the aptitude of the students in accurately examined. Participants at the conference also benefitted from a talk on the use of modern technology to enhance the learning process. Since university students are diverse in age, the workshop also featured a presentation on andragogy.

Principal's Welcome Message