Chanco-SSDI Partnership bearing fruit

March 31, 2016   Chanco Bulletin
The Principal samples the donated equipment, while the College Registrar and SSDI Representative look on
Chancellor College benefits from time to time from its strategic partners. These partners, though often operating behind the scenes, help the college in meeting the costs of some items that cannot be acquired through the limited resources being received from the Government.

One of such partners is Support for Service Delivery Integration (Communication) (SSDI), a Johns Hopkins project funded by USAID. SSDI has been in partnership with Chancellor College for the past three years. It is a project that supports social and behavioral change in various parts of the country.

Part of the work that SSDI committed to assisting included putting up a studio for audio-visual recording at Chanco Radio. The idea was that this equipment would enhance the practical side of study for students in the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies (BACOM) programme at the college. In this regard, the organization donated various kinds of equipment, including video cameras and sound mixers.

On 18th March, 2016, representatives from SSDI visited Chanco Radio, as a way of checking the progress of work on the studio. The visit was also an opportunity to discuss additional areas for collaboration between the two institutions.

Speaking during the visit, the SSDI Communications Deputy Chief of Party, Dr. Alinafe Kasiya, expressed satisfaction that the equipment that had been donated was already being used by students. “We share a common objective with Chancellor College in that we want to see students emerge with both the practical skills in health communication and other related areas. In that regard, we would really like to pursue this partnership for a few more years”

On his part, the Principal of the College, Prof. Richard Tambulasi, pointed out that the college was grateful for the equipment. “The donation of this equipment is indeed timely, as it helps to bridge the disjuncture between theory and practice for our communication students. Due to lack of equipment, we have always had problems translating theoretical aspects into practice.”

SSDI also supports Chancellor College in other ways. They provide an internship program in Health Communication for BACOM students. They also support guest lecturers in different fields willing to teach in the programme. The project has also provided training in leadership and strategic health communication for lecturers at Chancellor College.

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