Chanco revamps website

November 3, 2015   Chanco Bulletin
New face of the website

In the month of September, the Chancellor College community finally rejoiced at the return of the college website, which had for a long time only been accessible on the local network. As a result, Chancellor College was embarrassingly absent on the internet.

For a long time, members of staff at the college have complained that the information on the site is outdated, presenting departmental staff profiles that are over 5 years old. 

However, this was all due to work that had been on-going behind the scenes. The ICT Department has been working tirelessly not only to ensure Chancellor College's presence on the web, but to do so with a website that looks professional, clean, and can hold its own against any other reputable universities.

The new website is proof of that work. Apart from being an upgrade on the old website, the new website includes new features, such as the integration of the college academic calendar, regularly updated news and announcements, and specially designed sections for students to access information on accommodation, among other things.

One of the ICT systems engineers behind the website project, Mr Patrick Kalamula, points out that they had in mind the idea of coming up with a professional design.

“We looked at the websites of a few reputable universities and asked ourselves, why can’t we come up with something as remarkable, without merely duplicating what they have? So we sat down and involved people from various sections of the college. We have also been engaging the student community in improving the website’”.

Of course there are a few glitches, which are still being ironed out. The staff portal is still housed on the old website, and departmental staff profiles are yet to be developed. However, the ICT Department is optimistic that these hiccups will soon be a thing of the past.

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