Chanco renovates satellite campus in Mzuzu

February 19, 2016   Chanco Bulletin
One of the objectives outlined in Chancellor College’s Strategic Plan is the increase of enrolment of undergraduate students. One of the arguments often presented against this objective is the limited infrastructure available at Chirunga Campus in Zomba.

As a way of countering this limitation, Chancellor College embarked on site identification for its ODL/E-learning programs in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu mid-2014. As a way of assisting the college, the Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development offered Mzuzu Trade Testing Centre Located in Luwinga industrial area on rental basis. 

Renovation of the three roomed block with a capacity of about one hundred students started early November, focusing on refurbishing the floor, painting and also fixing the ceiling boards in the rooms. Security enforcement has also been one of the issues which the College has worked on to ensure safety of equipment installed at the facility. Additional toilets have also been constructed on site to cater for staff and students. 

It has been envisaged that programs on site will run for 7 days a week starting from 7.00 am till late. Both Bachelors degrees and Masters programs could also be handled through the same platform. Following the earlier discussion there are some programs which could be offered under the platform. 

The e-Learning section under the leadership of Dr. A. Chigeda will engage with staff to agree on how programs could be handled under the platform with proper remuneration. 

It is also important to note that an MOU has been developed to guide the two institutions on the running of the site. Currently the Ministry of Justice and the UNIMA Legal counsel are working on the MOU. All things being equal, launch of the site is planned to take place in February, 2016 in Mzuzu. 

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