Chanco recognizes star performers

January 23, 2018   Chanco Bulletin
Mrs. Maureen Kwangwanya congratulates one of the students

Academic excellence is a character that Chancellor College is renowned for. The college promotes and rewards those who display brilliance in their academic endeavors. This includes both staff and students. For students, one of the ways in which the college recognizes its outstanding performers is through the Dean’s List, which is produced at the beginning of each second semester. 

To qualify for the Dean’s list, a student must be pursuing an undergraduate programme and attain a GPA of 3.60 or high, with no grade in any module below B- in their first semester results. This year, 116 students featured on the Dean’s List, drawn from all five faculties. Out of these, 72 were male students, while 42 were female. Last year, the Dean’s List had 48 students.

On Thursday, 18th January, 2018, the college held a function in the Great Hall to celebrate the high scoring students. The students were awarded with certificates. Since the ceremony was not held last year, the college took the same opportunity to award students who had been on the Dean’s list in the 2015/2016 year.

During the function, members of staff and various other students were present to cheer on the star performers. The Guest of Honor was Mrs Maureen Kwangwanya, the Branch Manager of National Bank, Gateway Mall Service Centre. Mrs Kwangwanya is an alumnus of Chancellor College, having graduated in 2000, with a Bachelor of Education Science degree.

In her speech, Mrs Kwangwanya highlighted the point that a degree from the University of Malawi prepares one for pretty much any job in the industry. It acts as a foundation for other pursuits that an individual may wish to follow.

Making his comments during the function, the Vice Principal, Prof. Samson Sajidu, who also serves as the Chairperson of the Deans Committee expressed his pleasure at the performance of the students. He extended his congratulations to the students and their families for the achievement. He observed that the certificates presented to the students would make them stand out in interviews in the future.

Much as the college administration celebrates the success of these students, it is also concerned with other students that may not fare as well. In this regard, the Vice Principal pointed out that the college is taking various measures to assist such students. “Just to assure everyone that, as the Deans recognize the outstanding achievements, they are also more concerned with those who struggle academically. The Deans of Faculties will therefore be organizing meetings with students who struggle academically in order to understand root causes of the same and help where possible”, he said.

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