Chanco Library distributes books to community libraries

January 18, 2019   Chanco Bulletin
Prof. Richard Tambulasi handing over the books

Chancellor College continues to play a very important role in the improvement of literacy in Malawi. On 26th November, 2018, there was a ceremony where the college library handed

over books to various community libraries.

Mrs. Nancy Namwali Mpekansambo, the Special Collections Librarian points out that the ALP has been ongoing for 10 years. The college library acts as mediator, helping various

parties in communities to apply for the books. The applications indicate the need as well as expressions of commitment from various community members. These applications are sent to

the United States, where the books are sourced.

This year, books have been donated to 33 libraries for schools and communities in the country.

Chancellor College further helps by providing training for the beneficiaries of the libraries.

The Principal of Chancellor College, Prof. Richard Tambulasi expressed his support for the project: “We are happy to help these communities because this is from these very same

communities that our students emerge. So we feel that we are helping future university students”.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the benefitting libraries, all of whom expressed gratitude to Chancellor College and the ALP.

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