Chanco LEDEMA and CHAPRES host public seminar

July 4, 2016   Chanco Bulletin
Mr. Elias Mwakilama (far left) poses with Chanco LEDEMA students and Mr. AnandBakianathan (third from left), Mrs. Pillai (middle) and Dr. Pullanikkatil (far right) in a group photo
As part of Chancellor College’s endeavor to shine its light to the public through different forms of research and out-reach activities, two students’ organizations, Let’s Develop Malawi (LEDEMA) and Chanco Projects and Research (CHAPRES), co-hosted a three-member team of the Abundance Team, a charity organization from India, who were in Malawi to distribute cooking stoves to community members living on the borders of Zomba and Machinga. The exercise involved the assistance of LEAD-SEA.

The aim of such charity work was to control vegetative loss through charcoal burning and firewood fetching by bringing an alternative source of energy to the community members. On the last day of their visit to Malawi, the three-member team, comprising Dr. Deepa Pullanikkatil, Mr. Cyril AnandBakianathan and Mrs Thangam Pillai, decided to partner with LEDEMA and CHAPRES, and offer three talks on Environment, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

The three visitors presented on “Ecosystem Services of Likangala River Catchment”, “Cities of the future: Challenges and Opportunities” and “Women and Entrepreneurship”, respectively. At the end of the function, which was graced by the Principal of Chancellor College, Prof Richard Tambulasi, the presenters awarded an HTC brand new phone to the most active participant during the talks, a female third year bachelor of education science student. In his remarks, the Principal of Chancellor College thanked the three member team for coming to Malawi and doing their charity work. He particularly expressed pleasure at their choosing to co-partner with students’ organizations and presenting quite crucial and meaningful talks to the public. This comes at a time when Malawi is facing difficulties in maintaining the environment and seeking innovative ideas of promoting women into entrepreneurship and the use of technology for sustainable growth in different developmental sectors.

In his remarks, the patron for Chanco LEDEMA, Mr. Elias Mwakilama, expressed his sincere gratitude to the Abundance team for coming forward and talking to the community of Chancellor College on pertinent issues. As the patron of LEDEMA, he expressed optimism in the idea of partnering with The Abundance Team, particularly in its upcoming charity non-profit organisation that plans to establish its office in Malawi, Zomba. On behalf of her team-mates, Dr Deepa Pullanikkatil thanked all seminar talk organizers and the entire community of students and staff for being part of the audience for the talks, and promised to come forward with other innovative activities to Malawi through their outlined charity works.

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