Chanco hosts EU-Malawi 40 Years Celebrations

May 4, 2016   Chanco Bulletin
Participants in the walk, upon arrival at the Great Hall
On 20th April, 2016, a ceremony was held to celebrate 40 years of good relations between Malawi and the European Union.

The ceremony started with a big walk from the old parliament building all the way to the Great Hall at Chancellor College. At the commencement of the walk, in which various students participated, European Union officials handed out lots of white-and-blue golf shirts and caps, which resulted in a uniformly colorful gathering. Throughout the walk, the Zomba Prison Brass Band performed and danced to their music, ensuring that participants did not get fatigued. 

The colorful ceremony, which was under the theme “Working Together for a Better Future”, attracted various dignitaries, including the Minister of Education Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano, and the Head of EU Delegation to Malawi, Marchel Gerrmann. 

In his speech, Gerrmann emphasized the European Union’s commitment to assisting Malawi. He pointed out that the only change would be that the EU was now looking forward to providing aid in the agricultural sector. Commenting on the special day, he ended with these words: “Today is a celebration, a chance to take stock and a chance to look forward into the future.”

Taking his turn, the Minister of Education, Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano, expressed his gratitude for the assistance that the EU has been rendering to the country. The new infrastructure of the Faculty of Law was particularly singled out as a project successfully achieved with assistance from the EU. He reiterated the message that such pledges of assistance should accompanied by well-documented displays of accountability by all Malawians.

In the Great Hall, the crowd was also entertained by Jacob and Winiko’s comic take on the assistance rendered by the European Union. After the speeches, the gathering was invited to a light lunch outside the Great Hall.

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