Chanco Debates UNIMA Disability Policy

February 19, 2016   Chanco Bulletin
The Wellness Unit was Dr Jubilee Tizifa (right), flanked by Dr Elizabeth Kamchedzera (left)
As a way of reducing discrimination against individuals with special needs , the University of Malawi is in the process of developing a disability policy, which, among other things will ensure that students and staff with disabilities are not denied access to various services offered at the college.

On 7th December, 2015, the college arranged for the disability policy, which is still in development, to be debated by members of the college community. Making the presentation on the Disability Policy and the Wellness Unit was Dr Jubilee Tizifa, flanked by Dr Elizabeth Kamchedzera, a Special Needs Education expert in the Faculty of Education. 

In her presentation, Dr Tizifa pointed out that the policy aims to increase equitable access, participation, and achievement by students and staff with disabilities. The meeting was mainly to solicit feedback from the Chancellor College community, with regard to elements that could be amended, removed, or included in the policy. 

Unsurprisingly, a lively discussion ensued after the presentations, with members of staff seeking queries and making suggestions on the way forward. 

Some of the questions were on the naming of the policy, to which the presenters responded that the naming of the policy is not only influenced by the wished of UNIMA management, but also by the input from those who stand to be affected by it. Staff also queried the funding of activities outlined in the policy, to which the presenters responded that funding would be drawn from the University budget, but would also be dependent on inclusion-related materials that Heads of Department include in their budgets. 

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