Chancellor College shines at UNIMA Jubilee Celebrations

October 23, 2015   Chanco Bulletin

The most interesting features during the 5oth Anniversary Celebrations of the University of Malawi were no doubt the various displays mounted by constituent colleges. These displays gave the public a glimpse at some of the activities carried out on the campuses. The colleges, which included Chancellor College, the Polytechnic, Kamuzu College of Nursing, College of Medicine, and Bunda (now called LUANAR), were accorded pavilions and floats where they could display these activities and products. Students and staff took part in these activities.

Out of all of these displays, Chancellor College arguably took the lead with an impressive variety of items to show to the public. The college was represented by a number of departments. The Fine and Performing Arts department took the lead with an impressive display of artwork in the form of colorful acrylic and oil paintings on a number of themes. The department also showcased ceramic artwork and sculptures revealing an incredible depth of creativity from the artists. From the same department was an assortment of dances, some original, some blends of locally known songs. Two of these dances included one entitled Kasakaniza (a medley of Mwinowe, Manganje, and Honala), and Chintabasale (a mix of Godo, Beni, Chisamba, Manganje, Chimtali, Ingoma, and Chiwedewede). However, this was not the only group that performed a dance. Final year students in the BACOM programme took to the stage and danced to the Mwezi Wawala song, currently used by Airtel to market their products.

The Faculty of Law also took the opportunity to give the public a sneak peek at the students’ readiness for legal practice, through a Mock Court Trial mounted on a float. In this fashion, the students acted out the process of defending clients in court.

Also present were students from the Textiles section of the Human Ecology department, who pitched a display of creative clothing and textile designs, in the form of clothes, duvets, and pillow cases, clearly indicating that the Malawian public does not have to look abroad for the latest fashion trends. Some of these were imaginatively created from recycled items.

From the Physics department, students presented the recently invented Padoko Bicycle Charger (invented by Mixon Faluweki), the Ceramic Foodwarmer (invented by Fungai Kamzimbi), a portable LED lamp, and Solar Panels, showing the public how Chancellor College is determined to ease and improve the lives of Malawians. 

Chancellor College was also represented by the Publications Department, with a display of secondary school texts published by the college. The faculty of Social Science showed up with a presentation of the Nsomba Nchuma project. Members of staff from the Centre for Language Studies were also at the function, with a display of articles and books indicating research on-going and completed at the centre. LEAD was also present, showcasing packed dried utaka and bottled honey from Lake Chilwa. Students from SCOM presented documentaries and pictures of their members. From the library, the Chinese Corner was well represented, with books on Chinese culture.

At the end of the day, after viewing the displays, a visibly impressed Chancellor, Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, expressed hope that most of the items would soon find their way to local shops, so that all Malawians could buy them.

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