ANGLIA Book Distributors donates to English Department

May 4, 2016   Chanco Bulletin
If there is one department at the Chancellor College whose work is defined by the availability of written texts, it is the English department. Lecturers and students in the department conduct research mainly with the use of prose and poetry texts, most often in print.

Over the past couple of years, the department has faced the ever-rising challenge posed by the unavailability of recently published literature books at Chancellor College, especially with the reality that the college library rarely stocks such new books. As a result, lecturers often have to draw on their personal collections as a way of exposing students to new material. This shortcut is often insufficient, especially with the rising numbers of students.

With this background, it was heartwarming when Anglia Book Distributors, which is housed on the ground floor of the library, came forward with a donation of African literature books (prose and poetry). The function was held on the 29th of April, 2016. Present at the function were members of staff and students in the English Department.

Receiving the books, the Head of the English Department, Dr. Emmanuel Ngwira, thanked the bookstore for the timely gesture. He appealed to other organizations and alumni to do the same, pointing out that this falls squarely into the Department’s Donate-a-Book campaign, as a way of creating a departmental resource of books.

Anglia Book Distributors sells many other books in various genres. Their titles cut across the various disciplines housed at Chancellor College. Most of these books are offered to Chancellor College students at a very generous discount. They also stock books for children starting out in school, for parents who may wish to give their children an early start.

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