Administration grants students mid-semester holiday

August 6, 2015   Aunyango Nkhoma
Kankuzi - we are happy

Chancellor college administrators showed their understanding of the welfare of students in a bid to increase mutual relationship on Friday, 3rd July, by granting students a mid-semester holiday that runs 6th to 10th July 2015.  

On a memo dated 2nd July 2015, Chancellor College assistant Registrar for academics, Tony Kanyumbu addressed the students and members of staff that the college will be on a mid-semester holiday from 6th to 10th July, 2015. In the memo, Kanyumbu further indicated that classes will resume on 13th July, 2015.

The students through their Director of academic affairs, Alfred Kankuzi presented a concern on 23rd June, 2015 to the registrar, Mary Wasiri to consider granting them the holiday as it was not included in the official 2014/2015 academic calendar.

In an interview on Friday, 3rd July 2015, Kankuzi said he is very happy because the administration has listened to students concerns. However, he noted that the decision by administration cannot just go without giving the administrators a word of thanks. 

“Yes I am very happy because this one week holiday is vital to the academic welfare of students as it serves different purposes. For instance, students catch up or work on their proposals, projects and dissertations. As such, we could not sacrifice it in any way. We are very happy because administration also recognises the essence of this holiday,” Kankuzi said. 

On his part, Kanyumbu said administration had an emergency meeting with the Deans on Thursday, 2nd July, 2015 to determine whether it would indeed be necessary to insert a mid-semester holiday and a grace period into the calendar following the mounting concerns from the students leaders.

“We have resorted to be on a week holiday because of concerns from students. But this move will definitely affect academic calendar. Yes, the mid-semester holiday was removed from the academic calendar because we received a directive from the ministry of education, Science and Technology to make sure that we start academic years in September, just as secondary and primary schools do” he said.

However, Kanyumbu was not in good terms to disclose whether it is automatic that the college administration will grant a grace period as it is also removed from the 2014/2015 academic calendar. 

Students in the University of Malawi have been on a mid-semester holiday and a grace week in each semester of academic year in the past that were designed to help them work on their assignments and prepare for examinations respectively. 


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