21st and 22nd UNIMA Inaugural Lectures presented at Chanco

August 28, 2015   Chanco Bulletin
Professor Wapulumuka Mulwafu and Professor Edrinnie Kayambazinthu about to present their lectures
One of the highest points of University of Malawi's activities in August 2015 was no doubt the hosting of the 21st and 22nd Inaugural lectures, presented by Professor Wapulumuka Oliver Mulwafu and Professor Edrinnie Lora-Kayambazinthu respectively.

This prestigious event was attended by the Deputy Minister of education, Honorable Vincent Ghambi. The Guest of Honor was Professor Moira Chimombo. 

Making his comments before the lectures, the Vice Chancellor, Professor John D. K. Saka, extended a special welcome to the two professors into the class of eminent scholars'. He expressed pride, emphasizing  the  point that the two individuals deserved to belong to a category  reserved for those who show exceptional achievement in scholarship, teaching, and leadership. 

In his lecture, entitled "Is the Battle on Conservation of Natural Resources in Malawi Winnable? Perspectives from Historical Knowledge, Professor Mulwafu  took the audience on a trip through Malawi's history, illustrating the trends in environmental preservation in relation to political  dispensations, before  finally making his recommendation of the way forward, if Malawi is to conserve its natural resources. 

Professor Kayambazinthu similarly engaged the audience through a lecture entitled Language  Maintenance and  Language Shift in Malawi: the family's Role, where she highlighted how, among other things, attitudes within the family can affect the transfer of a language from one generation to the next.

Principal's Welcome Message